Policies Managemnt

Surgy believes performance is a result of effective risk management, Surgy empowers customers to develop an effective integrated risk management solution using a combination of software and learning content. Our cloud-based platform connects ESG, GRC, EHS, Sustainability and Ethics and Compliance Learning activities across the enterprise to streamline workflow and drive outcomes


Surgy Policy management includes a variety of features to help businesses create, distribute, and manage their policies and procedures. Some common features Surgy provides are:

Policy Creation

Allows businesses to create policies and procedures, customize them to their needs, and include relevant documents or links.

Policy Approval Workflows

Enables businesses to set up approval workflows for policies and procedures, and track the status of each approval.

Policy Distribution

Allows businesses to distribute policies and procedures to employees through various channels, such as email, a portal, or a mobile app.

Policy Acknowledgement

Enables businesses to track which employees have read and acknowledged policies and procedures.

Policy Versioning

Keeps track of different versions of policies and procedures, and allows businesses to roll back to a previous version if needed.

Provides a search function for employees to quickly find and access policies and procedures.

Compliance Management

Helps businesses ensure that policies and procedures comply with regulations and industry standards.

Training and Education

Allows businesses to provide training and education on policies and procedures to employees, and track their progress and completion.

Reporting and Analytics

Generates reports and provides data analysis tools to help businesses track policy and procedure compliance, identify potential issues, and improve their policies and procedures.


Allows the policy management software to integrate with other business systems, such as HR or compliance software, to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.