Invoices Management

Create, send and manage invoices online with Surgy Invoice Management, Capture your client’s attention along with their due payment through Surgy Invoice’s personalized and professional invoice templates. Surgy helps you track your sales, purchases & estimates in real-time. With Surgy, you can easily manage your inventory, file GST returns, create & share professional invoices.


Surgy Invoice management includes a variety of features to help businesses create, send, track, and manage their invoices. Some common features Surgy provides are:

Invoice Creation

Allows businesses to create invoices and customize them with their branding and logos.

Invoice Tracking

Enables businesses to track the status of their invoices, including when they were sent, viewed, and paid.

Payment Processing

Allows businesses to accept payments from their customers through various payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers.

Automatic Reminders

Sends automatic reminders to customers about overdue or pending payments.

Recurring Invoicing

Allows businesses to set up recurring invoices for subscriptions, retainer fees, or other regular services.

Integration with Accounting Software

Integrates with accounting software to automate the invoicing and payment process and keep financial records up-to-date.

Invoice Templates

Provides pre-built invoice templates for different types of businesses and industries, or allows businesses to create their own custom templates.

Multiple Currencies and Languages

Allows businesses to create invoices in different currencies and languages for international clients.

Client Management

Stores customer information and history for easy access and invoicing.

Reporting and Analytics

Generates reports and provides data analysis tools to help businesses track their invoicing and payment trends, identify potential issues, and improve their invoicing process.