Smart Street Lighting

JioThings Smart Street Lighting solution is a cost-effective and sustainable choice as it is a one-stop-shop solution and provides all the components for building an intelligent lighting infrastructure. Our solution helps in energy savings, fault detection and usage analysis.

The solution components include NB-IoT enabled communication modules that integrate with LED drivers and retrofit luminaires. Modules are compatible with leading OEMs. Feeder controllers (Remote Terminal Units – RTU) are also available for more granular control. Pan India NB-IoT connectivity covering 95%+ of census population ensures extensive coverage. With insightful dashboards one can monitor and manage all connected street lights for a summarised status, map-views and analysis using cloud infrastructure.


What you get

Energy Saving

Save up to 25% with intelligent ON/ OFF switching, targeted progressive dimming and efficient management of consumption

Maintenance Cost Optimization

Get notifications for any malfunction with possible defect analysis – helps in exact pole identification reducing time and travel costs

Increased Lamp Life

Increased lamp life by optimizing the lamp burning hours

Increased Road Safety

With no dark spots, safety of pedestrians and drivers is increased. Adequate lighting at strategic locations helps curb accidents

Enhanced User Experience

Efficient workflow management provides map-views for quick and easy resolutions with accurate data and intuitive user interface

Light Planner

Event based lighting and advanced schedules, variable night illumination (dimming) allow the light intensity to be modulated according to the street location, time and environment

Control Group of Lights Independently

This helps manage electric cabinet i.e feeder panel by providing features such as lamp switching based on in-built astronomical-clock, energy metering and notifications

Reporting and Analytics

Track lighting performance, status, energy consumption and savings. Also, understand the trends and reduce energy losses

Cleaner Environment

By reducing energy consumption, the amount of released CO2 is reduced thus reducing carbon footprint

24×7 Assisted Care

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