Smart Electricity Metering

Worklage Smart Electricity Metering solution offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for enabling Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). India’s first and revolutionary NB-IoT enabled smart metering solution enables highly scalable and truly interoperable solutions for AMI/ AMR. 

Our offerings include DLMS/ 16444 powered Network Interface Communication (NIC) card that can connect to every smart meter. Pan India NB-IoT connectivity covering 95%+ of census population ensures extensive coverage. Jio also offers MeitY certified Jio Cloud Services for hosting the smart metering applications and a scalable meter data collection using Head End System (HES) integrated with leading Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS).


What you get

Integrated Solution

A plug and play solution ensuring seamless meter data collection from NIC card to HES (Head End System)


NB-IoT ensures 100% meter data collection and is capable of collecting meter data at 15 minute intervals

Low Cost of Ownership

No infrastructure maintenance cost (like in the case of other technologies like LoRa or RF) resulting in low cost of ownership in the long run

Ease of Deployment

Zero touch provisioning allows meters to be configured automatically, eliminating manual labour for setting up the network

Zero Network Maintenance

Network is maintained by Jio, thus no onus on the utility for maintaining it and worry about civil changes affecting communication.


NB-IoT allows data to transmit in non-IP format making it impossible for anyone to hack the network.

Software Upgrades

NB-IoT supports upgrading of meter firmware remotely, thus saving manual costs on field support.

24×7 Assisted Care

Ready to service your needs at all times.