Smart Connected Coolers

Worklage Smart Connected Coolers offers an end-to-end solution for retailers, bottlers and FMCG companies by providing an economical yet efficient IoT solution. NB-IoT enabled telemetry devices are powered with edge algorithms and they integrate with all coolers (including retrofit coolers). Temperature and door sensors help in getting real-time updates on critical parameters of operation. Worklage secure Cloud platform aids in monitoring thousands of coolers in a single dashboard with details about location, operating conditions and tamper alerts, etc. in a secured manner.

What you get

Tracking of Missing Coolers

GPS and Cell-based tracking options to avoid thefts, misuse or abuse, thus helping in easy audits 

Quality Assurance

With real-time temperature monitoring and alerts, you can stay assured of the functioning

Cooler Status Monitoring

Power cycle monitoring ensures adherence to operating norms

Theft and Tamper Protection

Detect movement with accelerometer to monitor any change in placement from pre-decided strategic locations

Reduced Downtime

Monitor critical parameters 24×7 ensuring predictive and preventive maintenance

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified about anomalies in operating conditions with real-time temperature, door open and tamper alerts

Reporting and Analytics

Access to intuitive user interface with comprehensive reporting and visualisations. Alerts and notifications help ‘Managing by Exception’

Sales Analysis

Analyse co-relation between open/ close door and sales with door sensors connected to telemetry devices

Field Staff Monitoring

Manage productivity by tracking visits of sales and service personnel using Bluetooth enabled telemetry device

24×7 Assisted Care

Ready to service your needs at all times